Meet Our TOA Values Awardees

One of our purposes here at TOA Global is to deliver positive and life-changing contributions to the communities in which we operate in. Inside and outside of our workplace we make sure to practice this, to recognise good performance and reward those who stand out and serve as inspiration to many.

In the years since our inception, we are proud to have worked with highly talented individuals who are committed to excellence. To celebrate the awesome people who have helped make TOA Global the success it is today, we’ve identified team members who have displayed excellent work ethic and exemplified the values we hold dear.

Allysa Allanigue, Bookkeeper, Metzke+Allen, Clark


TOA Values Awardee Allyssa Allanigue


Never afraid to take on challenges at work, Allysa has always been unabashed when it comes to going beyond her abilities. She always dreams big and strives to learn new things so she can be better at what she does.

A fresh board passer, Allysa is willing to explore new areas to gain expertise. She displays initiative and makes it a point to aspire for bigger things and perform better every day. It’s this attitude that has inspired the rest of the team to strive for excellence.

Hannah Camille Dayrit, Accountant, Navigate (Twomeys Pty Ltd), Clark


TOA Values Awardee Hannah Camille Dayrit


Always ready and willing to take on additional tasks, Hannah has always been awesome at her job and she never fails to exceed expectations.

Her incredible ownership of projects has impressed not just the team here in the Philippines but those in Australia as well. She has a positive can-do attitude and always has a big smile for everyone. She is awesome and a real pleasure to work with as how her teammates here in the Philippines and in Australia describe her.

Romelyn Jarra, Loan Processor, Integrity Group Financial Planners, Clark


TOA Values Awardee Romelyn Jarra


There will always be challenges at work but a real awesome employee who keeps it real will always deliver the best possible work and rise up amidst any challenge.

Hannah has always managed to help her team change people’s lives for the better by excelling at her job regardless of the pressure and obstacles that come with the job.

Camille Torres, SMSF Accountant, William Buck, Clark


TOA Values Awardee Camille Torres


Someone who always go the extra mile, Camille has displayed outstanding traits of an accountant and her team in Australia has taken notice. The onshore team is impressed by her dedication to helping out her team by training them on SMSF. This, as well as all the other efforts she’s put in, has earned her team’s praises.

Susette Santiago, Senior Client Experience Manager, Clark


TOA Values Awardee Susette Santiago


When you dream big, nothing is too difficult when it comes to achieving your goals. Susette is a dedicated employee and that trait has helped her find success in everything she does.

Known for being professional, courteous and extremely dedicated, Susette will make sure that any task assigned to her is accomplished–even if it means working during her rest days, allowing her to have good working relationships with other teams.

Lerma Silaya, Payroll & Benefits Officer, Clark


TOA Values Awardee Lerma Silaya


To be awesome, you need to be reliable and have a can-do attitude. Lerma is a great example and that is why she acquired the vote of confidence of her fellow TOA Support staff.

Lerma is reliable and helpful. She always makes sure that people can count on her and that she can provide results without much follow up. She has exceeded expectations and has impressed the stakeholders.

Her track record of going beyond what’s required as well as her awesome work performance and proactive approach are the things that make her very deserving of this award.

Xenia Bondoc, Leadership & Development Trainer, Clark


TOA Values Awardee Xenia Bondoc


Keeping it real means being honest and open to communication and feedback. Xenia, is one of the best examples for that. Polite, humble and unassuming, she is genuinely loved by her peers.

It’s not hard to see why because aside from being highly competent and accountable in her job, Xenia also goes the extra mile. In fact, she would actually fetch new hires from BC7 to BC10. She has also led different initiatives for her department, like the Buddy Up System and Leadership Training Programs.

On top of these, Xenia is always pleasant to work with. She is accommodating and genuinely friendly to everyone.

Gener Figueroa, Network Administrator, Clark


TOA Values Awardee Neigh Figueroa


Nothing exemplifies bringing the wow more than being available to do work even on a rest day.

Neigh is one of those people who are willing to go beyond what’s required to deliver value for clients. There was one instance where he didn’t think twice about setting aside his personal time during his rest day and went to the office to ensure a client has all the equipment he needs.

He doesn’t stop there. He constantly checks the internet connection even on Sundays. And, in the event, a problem arises, he is ready to go to the office and fix the issue. Now that’s bringing the Wow!

Now we don’t really recommend working on rest days as we highly value work-life balance. But maybe you’re always willing to go the extra mile when you’re inspired at work!

These people have definitely shown what TOA Global is all about. They have achieved excellence by applying our values in their professional and personal lives.


To grow in your career, it’s important to find a company that nurtures its staff. If you want to become part of an international team and enjoy work-life balance, apply now for the open roles here.