Meet More TOA Values Awardees

In our previous post, you’ve met the TOA Values awardees from our Clark offices. Now, meet the exemplary employees in Manila who have shown what being an awesome TOA Global employee means.

Marc Jhon Robles, Senior Accountant, Manila


TOA Values Awardees Marc Robles


Marc’s impressive performance and his passion to promote TOA Global have helped earned him this recognition. As one of the pioneers in the night shift team, he has been very proactive in expressing how awesome TOA Global is. He has been able to invite former colleagues to work with us.

By exemplifying the qualities of a true ambassador of the company, Marc has shown how his passion shines through.

John Harold Baswel, Bookkeeper, Manila


TOA Values Awardee John Baswel


To soar to new heights, employees need to be ready to take on new challenges with open arms. John has displayed exactly that. After his first client’s contract with TOA Global expired earlier this year, John has embraced the new tasks introduced by his new client, from bookkeeping to auditing SMSF accounts. John has since exceeded expectations in terms of work performance and being an inspiration to his teammates.

Bernadette Sabinay, Personal Assistant/Marketing


TOA Values Awardee Bernadette Sabinay


Bernadette is considered the glue that holds the team together, which makes her an excellent colleague. Loved by her teammates and highly appreciated by the clients, Bernadette has always brought the wow and continues to deliver great work.

She is a top performer who always brings her best to the table. Her dedication to the job goes beyond her call of duty. In fact, she has been in charge of all the fun activities for the mid and night shifts in and out of the office. Through her efforts, she was able to contribute to the “homey” vibe in the office, which also helps improve the company’s work-life balance culture.

Melissa Deloso, Accountant


TOA Values Awardee Melissa Deloso


Naturally curious and unafraid to learn from mistakes, Melissa has shown that to grow, a positive mindset is important. She knows how to identify learnings and opportunities to improve in her work.

During the early days of TOA Manila, she has led activities that helped team members bond together. She has been through years of fun and challenges and has always delivered exceptionally well. Melissa is now part of the TOA Manila Fun committee and is liaising with the Clark team to mirror activities between sites.

These people have definitely shown what TOA Global is all about. They have achieved excellence by applying our values in their professional and personal lives.

To grow your career, it’s important to find a company that nurtures its staff. If you want to become part of an international team and enjoy work-life balance, join us! Apply now for the open roles here.