TOA Global Team Building 2017 #TOAtogether3Years

True to its commitment to promoting camaraderie and awesome work-life balance, TOA Global held a one-day team building activity that took place on two separate dates and location for the Clark and Manila sites. The Clark team had their team building at Hotel Stotsenberg in Clark, Pampanga while the Manila group got together at Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay City.

TOA Global CEO Nick Sinclair kicked off the day by providing an update on the company. Chief of People Kerrie Brown followed suit and talked about the recent developments that made the entire teams happy. Such developments included events and company policies.

“TOA is focused on growing and building our team members. It’s about personal development and becoming a better version of themselves. So, it’s really a major focus for us. Every year, we run this event and this is something we’ll continue to do in the future.

Nick Sinclair, CEO The Outsourced Accountant

The company had a very special guest: international motivational speaker Mike Grogan who delivered an moving speech about the genius of the Filipinos. The author of the bestselling book “The Rise of the Pinoy” which shared 7 powerful lessons of success that he acquired from 21 world-class Filipinos, his insights were very much well-received by the team. We enjoyed it so much some were even laughing and singing.

TOA Global has grown to a family that’s composed of more than 901% millennials and Mike shared a short but very inspiring message:

“Possibly, the greatest thing you can do are two things; (1) invest in yourself; (2) invest in others. There’s an opportunity to get better and grow every day even if it’s tiny by simply reading blogs and listening to a podcast. Then, focus on who can you help and do kind and active generosity every day. I believe, those two aspects are the formula to success — growing every day and giving to someone else every day.

Mike Grogan, International Motivational Speaker


TOA Team building TOA-Executives-with-Mike-GroganTOA Global executives with Mike Grogan


Later during the day, all team members were gathered into their respective colour-coded teams and the games began. The games all required balance, strength, wit, coordination, flexibility, strategy, creativity and leadership skills. There was no shortage of fun and excitement during these adrenaline-rich moments.


TOA Global team building Cheering-Clark

TOA Global team building Cheer-Dance-ManilaThe cheer dance competition marks the start of the Team Building 2017


The fun continued on.

With offices in two locations–Clark and Manila, five hundred team members participated in the events that were designed by the committee group from the Training and Admin & Facilities Department.




The day’s highlight finally came: Project Runway.

Here, participants needed to go through a barter system and exchange whatever items of clothing they have to get the materials they need to create the best and most inspiring evening wear for their model. Among the highlights of the game was the concealed identity of the model. Everyone was surprised to learn that the models would be the Head of Departments!

Once everything was finished, the points were finalised. For the Clark team, Team Orange led by Gina Libadia and Luisa Dometita emerged victorious. At second place was the Lime Team headed by Coreen Atencio while team Violet led by Lawrence Guiao took third place. For the Manila team, Team Violet led by Vic Ovejas bagged the first prize.

Congratulations to all participants, committee members and organisers for a truly successful team building event. We can’t wait for the next!

Watch some of the video highlights here:

Or check out some cool photos from the event:

TOA Global Clark

TOA Global Manila