The Outsourced Accountant Launches TOA Global As Employer Brand in PH

The leader in global careers for accountants and professional support staff for the Philippines, The Outsourced Accountant is now TOA Global – with improved website and a new set of company values.

TOA Global is very proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website ( and a newly founded set of company values to augment the company’s efforts in establishing itself as the leader in global careers for accountants and professional support staff in the Philippines.

Company Values

Having been developed by our people, for our people, these values define the DNA of how we do things and how we behave to pursue our vision, purpose and mission.

These values pave the way to achieving our vision to revolutionise global accounting teams. We understand the need to create a culture that addresses and celebrates the accounting profession and the workforce behind it. While we are principally operating on the traditional structure of the profession, we highly take into consideration the behaviour and mindset of the modern workforce. Here’s an overview:

Be awesome.

We recognise exceptional individuals and team performance. We celebrate our successes and progress and have fun together.

Dream big. Achieve more.

Curiosity is our way of life. We embrace our thirst for knowledge and self improvement. This is how we revolutionise the way accounting firms work, the way we work.

Keep it real.

We are real, accountable and committed. If we say it, we do it, we  own it. This is our way of having open and honest conversations; welcoming candid feedback to develop and improve.

Bring the wow.

We go the extra mile. We delight! We commit to doing our best work — not only for ourselves, but for our team and our clients.

See our company culture in action!

TOA Global launches new website

The New and Improved Website

Now with a modern and more vibrant look, the TOA Global website personifies and communicates the company values more effectively. With our vision to revolutionise global accounting teams, it features cool additions that highlight the company’s professional, productive yet fun culture. It now has improved functionalities and enhanced user experience. The uncluttered design features the company’s colours with an updated look emphasising TOA Global’s winning culture and personality. A section to explore fascinating insights on an accountant’s life and TOA Global’s vibrant culture can also be found on our blog section.  

TOA Global’s new website also offers quick and easy access to vital information that will provide potential team members a better understanding of our services, available job openings and insights about the hiring process. Potential applicants will now be able to take the next step in their global career and effortlessly navigate to explore open roles with a cleaner and simpler layout.

“This new website is a great addition to our efforts in building our employer brand. Certainly, the new look and feel have expressed the company values: Be Awesome, Dream Big and Achieve More, Keep It Real, and Bring The Wow. Those who are looking to have a career with us at TOA Global would get a view of our culture, our learning programs, and apply to jobs in a refreshing and uncomplicated manner,” says Rachell Grace Olavides Head of Content.

Nick Sinclair, TOA Global’s CEO, has this to say: “From The Outsourced Accountant we are launching The site will be one of our key portals to help communicate why it’s such a great place to work here, and the opportunities we have for outstanding talent in the Philippines to join the leader in global teams for accounting and professional support roles.”

“TOA Global is the leader in global careers for accountants and professional support staff in the Philippines. It’s the place to be, if you are dreaming BIG for your careers. We’re looking to employ the best, so if you are the best, we’d love to hear from you. We look forward to meeting with you soon,” from CMO Ross Dougall.

Visit the new website here

TOA Global is the leader in global accounting and support roles for the Philippines. If you want to enjoy work-life balance and earn above industry rates, apply now for the open roles here.