The Real Value Of Employee Engagement

During certain periods, thoughts of quitting a job are normal for many employees. You may even have entertained the idea more times than you care to admit. And that’s okay.

We all go through that especially during times of extreme stress. Like when we’re burdened with so much work we haven’t been home on time for the past few weeks or when we have to put up with difficult co-workers, making it hard for us to perform our jobs well.

But you soon realize that moments like this are fleeting.

That there are far too many reasons to stay in your job…

Importance For Both Business And Staff

…especially if you’re working for a company that fosters the kind of culture that encourages employee engagement.

Engagement is the level of passion, commitment and loyalty of people to their company.

It’s important for both employees and employers to understand that employee engagement is a vital ingredient in ensuring success for both parties. Employees who are highly engaged will have more reason to come to work every day, work hard and go beyond what’s expected of them. This leads to enhanced productivity and, eventually, make the business more profitable.

Engaged employees are motivated. They are more productive. And they are less likely to leave. That’s why businesses need to make employee engagement a priority; doing so can bring forth a slew of benefits.

How Engaged Are You?


employee engagement


Have you ever taken the time to gauge how engaged you are at work?

It’s important to understand your level of engagement because doing so will help you assess how you’re doing at work and, perhaps, improve.

Are you excited to come to work?

Is it easy for you to accomplish tasks regardless of its complexity?

Do you find it easy to get started on tasks by yourself?

Do you offer assistance to co-workers?

Or do you constantly feel lethargic and are just waiting for the hours to drag by?

Being aware of your level of engagement allows you to adjust your mindset because, sometimes, it’s all in the mind. If you feel like you’re on the verge of walking away from your stressful situation, a shift in perspective can change things for the better.

Employee Engagement In Numbers

The first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. There are others who experience such.

However, it’s comforting to know that more and more employees feel they are engaged at work. This means companies are doing a better job at ensuring their staff is well taken care of.

According to a report from a leading global professional services firm, employee engagement in the Philippines is at 71%, putting us ahead of China, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore.

The study found that the factors that drive engagement in the workplace include recruitment and autonomy. Talent retention policies and the allocation of necessary resources to get one’s job done affect how an employee feels about a company.

The study also showed that 75% of millennials believe their employers have their best interests at heart. But only 53% of the respondents say they are compensated fairly, when compared to others who have the same roles.

What Does This All Mean?

Employee engagement is important because it reduces turnover and makes businesses more profitable. But most importantly, it makes for happier (and healthier) employees.

If this is one of your current company’s weaknesses, then you can bring it to the attention of someone. Be proactive about it because employee engagement should be ingrained in all businesses.

Those that invest in employee engagement will see favourable results. TOA Global, is heavy on implementing measures that will engage employees, from sports-related activities to training programs and team buildings. Because of these, we have a very low attrition rate and a team of highly motivated performers.

Here at TOA Global, we make sure that our employees enjoy going to work so they can continuously provide high-value services to clients. Not only that, we want to ensure their personal development through various activities that will allow them to showcase their talents and provide an avenue where they can exercise their passion.

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