Aussie Slang Challenge: How Well Can You Speak Aussie?

Ever found yourself in a room with some of our Aussie friends and wondered, in the middle of the conversation, what they’re talking about?

It’s not uncommon for those who haven’t had a lot of encounter with our friends from Down Under to have no idea of the things they just said. As fun as it is to hear Aussie slang, it can be a little frustrating to not be in on the conversation. So what are you to do? Learn them, of course!

One of the many fun activities we have here at TOA Global is Australia Day. This year, we thought of doing something different: test our team members’ knowledge on Aussie slang. It’s only fitting that our employees know what these phrases are especially since they deal with Aussies on a daily basis, right? So we put them up to the test. Those who are able to answer the questions right will get sweet treats while those who don’t will have to take a bite out of the good ol’ Vegemite.

Let the Aussie Slang Challenge begin.


It’s always fun here at TOA Global. We always find ways to make our team members happy and excited whether it’s a special or ordinary day.

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