Do You Possess These Personality Traits Of A Cloud Accountant?

Being an accountant in this modern age will require more than the usual accounting skills. As highlighted in a Karbon article called 3 Essential Personality Traits of a Cloud Accountant, becoming a successful cloud accountant will entail you to possess certain personality traits. We’ve taken things further and added more qualities we think you need to have.


A generally curious accountant is a great addition to any team because he or she will:

  • Take initiative in solving issues
  • Always be on the lookout for potential problems
  • Find alternative solutions

A great cloud accountant doesn’t necessarily have to be very skilled in technology. You don’t have to be natural at it, either, which means even if the older accountants can still excel at this. All it takes is the right attitude.


Accountants who excel at their jobs are those who take pride in what they do; those who take ownership and are aware that they can deliver quality service.

In this case, pride isn’t necessarily a negative thing. It can be thought of as confidence–an awareness of your own strengths and capabilities to perform beyond expectations. Furthermore, having pride in your job will motivate you to explore all options and stop at nothing to achieve your goal.  Knowing that all results will reflect on you, you’ll be more diligent in every single task.


A modern accountant needs to be self-aware because this will pave the way for improvement.

Regardless of the depth of your experience, there will be at least one thing you’re not prolific at. This is where self-awareness comes handy. When you are aware of what you don’t know, you can find ways to overcome those shortcomings. You will be able to improve. If you’re not naturally adept at technology, having the self-awareness will motivate you to develop your tech skills.

Here are other traits we think a great cloud accountant needs to possess:


Accounting requires a lot of attention to detail. It’s unacceptable to turn in inaccurate work. You have to pay really close attention to the numbers you’re logging in. Having an eye for details and exercising due diligence to ensure accuracy need to be part of your practice.


For you to be great at your job, it’s important that you display congeniality because that will help establish a strong relationship with clients. Sometimes clients can be a little guarded when it comes to certain things but if you are friendly towards them, it’s easier to bring down walls to ensure a smoother sailing working relationship.


One fun thing about accounting today is each day is different from the other. That could also mean challenging situations that will test your skills, knowledge, and patience. You can find yourself stuck or you may encounter some clients that are, at times, not easy to deal with. Or you may encounter technical difficulties, like problems with your software. During these times, being patient is essential in getting things done and, most importantly, keeping your sanity.


Great accountants are creatives. How so? Creativity is required for arriving at fresh solutions. As financial advisers, accountants will need to think outside the box to solve client problems that are not textbook cases and will require a certain level of attention.

Skills and experience are essential in achieving success as an accountant. But they are not the be-all-end-all in this line of work. Having the right core values and traits mentioned above will make you one proficient cloud accountant.

What about you?

Are these traits you already possess or want to possess?

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