Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants Convention PICPA

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We’d love to meet you!


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Come and learn from our Chairman, Nick Sinclair
Topic: The Future of Accounting 

SMX Convention Center, SM City Bacolod
November 23, 2018
2:30 PM

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Let’s talk about career opportunities, grab some freebies, or just hang out!  

See you at our booth
SMX Convention Center, SM City Bacolod

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Plus get to win exciting prizes!

Trip for 2 to Cebu, Clark, or Manila 

An all-expense paid TOA Tour

Includes hotel and accommodation





Certification Course

Xero Certification Course

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How to join:

1. Like us on Facebook (TOA Global Careers) and follow us on LinkedIn (TOA Global)

2. Just fill out the form below and you’re set for the raffle.

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1. You can also drop your business card at our booth.
2. Or, fill out the form in our flyer and hand it over to us at the booth.
3. Or, send the above information and/or your resume to our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.
4. Or, text the above information to our Recruitment Hotline 0998-583-8890.

Sooo many chances of winning! Just a note:
You have to be able to claim your prize at Nick Sinclair’s session or at our booth at the SMX Convention Center on the 23rd of November.

Be sure to bring home some love from us – grab one of our loot bags! Just make sure you’re one of the first 100 to attend Nick Sinclair’s session.

Can’t wait to see you!