Paving The Path To Success For Filipino Accountants

What impact does the changing career landscape have on Filipino accountants?

For many accountants, the traditional path of success can be a little daunting and climbing up the ladder can take years. Lucky for us, changes in the industry have made it possible for us to access global opportunities, from training courses to employment opportunities.

If you’re looking to grow your accounting career, watch this webinar with our VP of Operations, Chad Chambers, and Randy Dagang, a TOA Global accountant, as they talk about the awesome opportunities for accountants in the Philippines.






In this episode, Chad and Randy talk about the following:

  • Traditional versus modern career progression f0r accountants
  • Places where accountants can work in
  • Factors that motivate accountants
  • Pros and cons of working in a private accounting firm, one of the Big 4 firms, and a BPO firm
  • Impact of technology on the accounting practice


Chad highlights the importance of having global experience, which is one of the things you’re going to get when you join us here at TOA Global.


If I have two CVs sitting in front of me and they have the same education, same experience, but one has a global exposure and the other one does not, I’m going to go with the one with global exposure, 10 times out of 10.

Chad Chambers

It’s more advantageous because there’s much more value and experience to get from having a global working experience.

Also in this webinar, Randy shared how it is to work for a global company. As a senior accountant, he was able to enjoy the following:

  • International travel
  • Global exposure and training from the client
  • Opportunity to lead a team
  • Fun working environment
  • Career fulfillment


TOA Global offers accountants, bookkeepers, and other professionals the best working environment possible—work-life balance, great culture, and opportunities for career advancement through learning and development training courses.

If you’re looking to join a global company that’s dedicated to advancing your career, then join us here at TOA Global.

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