Leadership and development training

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The Training Department creates and develops courses based on an extensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) conducted for each employee.
The TNA identifies potential knowledge and skills gap and addresses these through various courses readily available to team members.

Our next round of client and internal training programs:


[widget_service title_image=”640″ icon_image=”609″ body_text=”This training aims to develop the
Team Member’s speaking skills focusing
on Australian Accent reinforced with drills
and exercises.” border_color=”#e8e8e8″ header_width=”200″ add_title=”BASIC COMMUNICATION SKILLS” heading_widget=”BASIC COMMUNICATION SKILLS”]Topics/Objective:

  • Enumerate the elements of vocal quality
  • Recognise the value of each element
  • Practice the elements thru tongue twisters
  • Participate in activities that would enhance voice quality


[widget_service title_image=”640″ icon_image=”610″ body_text=”An in-depth understanding on
how to get to the heart of the
matter and achieve customer
satisfaction.” border_color=”#e8e8e8″ header_width=”200″ add_title=”BASIC COMMUNICATION SKILLS” heading_widget=”CUSTOMER SERVICE REDEFINED”]Topics/Objective:

  • Identify how to get to the heart of the matter
  • Recognise what your clients want
  • Enumerate how to create a great impression even if you can’t deliver exactly what they want
  • Discuss how to create positive interactions your clients want to talk about
  • Enumerate ways on how to become a total package



[widget_service title_image=”640″ icon_image=”627″ body_text=”How to prioritise tasks based on importance
and value? How do we take into consideration
the four quadrants of time management? These
and more along with enjoyable related activities
and exercises for participants.” border_color=”#e8e8e8″ header_width=”200″ add_title=”BASIC COMMUNICATION SKILLS” heading_widget=”TIME MANAGEMENT”]Topics/Objective:

  • Identify key deliverables as a leader
  • List specific levels of priorities including both personal and professional tasks
  • Determine how to set realistic time management plan and proactively work towards completing each item
  • Use the technology within TOA to help organise and manage your time


[widget_service title_image=”640″ icon_image=”628″ body_text=”Email is the fastest and the major means of
communication. With this course, participants
will be able to learn more about grammar,
study basic sentence construction and some
tips on how to properly use this medium in
the corporate world.” border_color=”#e8e8e8″ header_width=”200″ add_title=”BASIC COMMUNICATION SKILLS” heading_widget=”BASIC EMAIL ETIQUETTE”]Topics/Objective:

  • How to create an effective email subject line and content
  • Identify who should and should not receive copies of the emails
  • Explain instances when sending email is necessary and appropriate
  • Manage email effectively
  • Basic grammar lessons


[widget_service title_image=”640″ icon_image=”629″ body_text=”In this workshop, one will learn about what
accountability is, how to promote it in your
organisation, and how to become more
accountable to yourself and to others; comes
with related activities and exercises.” border_color=”#e8e8e8″ header_width=”200″ add_title=”BASIC COMMUNICATION SKILLS” heading_widget=”ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE WORKPLACE”]Topics/Objective:

  • List the requirements in taking ownership
  • Define what Employee Engagement is and how it contributes to accountability
  • Enumerate the prerequisites to accountability
  • Recognise the value of expectations
  • List the elements of clear expectations
  • Define how performance appraisals, feedback and 1-on-1 meeting impact accountability




Improve your professional skill sets to gain that opportunity for an upward mobility in your
career while adding value to the organisation.


Obtain a tangible recognition of your experience essential for your professional endeavor.

fellowship FELLOWSHIP

Develop a personal connection with fellow team members through staff interaction.

renew-motivation RENEWED MOTIVATION

Return to your job refreshed, motivated, energised and feeling valued by your organisation.

career-growth CAREER GROWTH

Improve your work performance and increase your employability.



Recently held training courses for the Support team are below. Certificates of completion were given
by the Head of Training, Niño Velasco, together with the Head of HR, Ali Villarosa.

Congratulations to our participants!


12 participants attended the Basic
Communication Skills Training. This training
covers the anatomy of speaking i.e. breathing,
vocalisation and articulation. It also covers
the rudiments of accent i.e. intonation, liaison
and pronunciation. The accent is covered
depending on the country being discussed
i.e. Australian Accent.


The Outbound Sales team attended the
Basic Sales Training program. This course focuses
on communication and customer service in
the context of sales. The ABC of Sales covers
right sales attitude, benefits and features
and winning closing techniques.


21 participants attended the ABC of People
Management training. This training deals with the
basics of people management, from greeting
your team to providing comments/feedback that
increases one’s personal skills.

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For Team Members

  1. Fill out the Training Request Form.
  2. Ask for approval from your client or manager.
  3. Send the form together with the approval of your client or manager.
  4. Attend the training and complete the requirements i.e. survey, assessments and assignments.
  5. Successful participants will be given a certificate of completion.

For Client

To endorse your team member(s) to enrol in a training, just send an email to any of the following:

Training Team

Niño Velasco: nino.velasco@toa.com.ph

Xenia Bondoc : xenia.bondoc@toa.com.ph

Client Experience Team

Judith Guintu: judith.guintu@toa.com.ph

Susette Santiago: susette.santiago@toa.com.ph

Dante Fabros: dante.fabros@toa.com.ph

Victor Ovejas: victor.ovejas@toa.com.ph