The Art and Science of Interaction: Building A Positive Work Culture

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Leaps and bounds. That is the difference between the business performance of a company that nurtures a positive work culture and one that doesn’t care at all. They say that the measure of a truly happy workplace is by the amount and loudness of the laughter you here at any one time.

It’s the happiness factor. You see it right when you walk through the office doors. It’s the smiles in people’s faces that tell you that, “Yes, I love working here and I love the people I work with.” This is what TOA Global aims to achieve. We know that there is a science as well as an art to creating an environment that fosters healthy social interactions.

The Art of Creating It


Let’s start with the naming conventions. We don’t say ‘staff’. We say, “team.” We don’t say ‘employee’. We say,  “team member.” This is how we step away from the conventional. But, we don’t do this just to be different though. Our attitude is that each one of us is part of a team and so we are all teammates. That’s why you see our social posts with #TOATogether. Building meaningful bonds within TOA Global is important for us. With this in mind, we make it a point to create momentous events that serve as points of social interactions.

Annual Team Building

We have our annual team building event. Each year, we bring everyone together for one fun-filled day of activities aimed to foster teamwork and camaraderie. This gives everyone a chance to meet and know each other better by engaging in fun team challenges.



Town Hall Meetings

We also hold periodic town hall meetings. This is where TOA Global Leadership talks to all team members to share the latest company updates and important milestones. Our town hall meetings also give all of us the opportunity to discuss any concerns, answer questions, and talk about any work-relevant matters.


TOA Sportsfest

We also want to nurture our teams’ physical well-being. So, each year, we hold a sportsfest where team members can play and display their athletic abilities. In the spirit of healthy competition, we play basketball, volleyball, bowling, and badminton. This year, we are also going to hold parlor games for those who don’t play the sports mentioned earlier. This gives everyone a chance to play and be active.


TOA Idol Singing Competition

We also focus on the arts. So we started a competition called TOA Idol where team members can showcase their singing chops. We have many beautiful singing voices here in TOA Global so the competition was fierce. Finals night was unforgettable as all were serenaded. But there was only one winner which was much deserved.

These are just some of the events that we put together for our team members. Special days like Valentine’s, Halloween, and the like also have their own celebrations. The holidays are also important times for us like Christmas. It allows us to bring joy and laughter to everyone so we make it a point to make it as memorable as we can. We do this to ensure that we build a positive work culture.

The Numbers To Prove It


The whole point of these social interactions is we want our team members to be happy. Studies have proven that happiness is the key to higher team productivity and engagement. Here’s a rundown of some of the statistics.

  • Happy team members are 12% more productive.
  • Companies with happy team members outperform the competition by 20%.
  • Close work friendships boost team member satisfaction by 50%.
  • People with a best friend at work are 7x more likely to engage fully in their work.
  • Teams with high engagement rates are 21% more productive and six times more likely to be engaged.

As you can see, the numbers prove that bringing smiles to people’s faces works. We want to build a positive work culture. This is why we create the social interactions that we do. We want our team members to enjoy working with TOA Global. When they are happy, they produce high-quality work which makes our clients happy. And if our clients are delighted, we know we have done our jobs right.

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