Discover The Benefits Of Coffee Breaks To Your Productivity

Like coffee? What you’re about to read will put a smile on your face.

Your company needs to allow more coffee breaks at work to encourage higher productivity. Think of these as more than a company perk. Coffee breaks are essential in helping employees perform better at work.  

At first glance, going for that cuppa lets you step away from your desk, offering a respite from the tons of work you have to finish. But the reality is, the few minutes you spend on getting coffee can perk up your career.

Here are the benefits of having more coffee breaks:

Enhances your memory

There’s enough scientific evidence that proves caffeine’s positive effects on memory retention. One study from John Hopkins University showed that drinking coffee helps people remember things better.

Making accurate decisions at work is easier when you have a sharp memory. It’s easier to recall instructions from meetings or key information on major projects. Don’t forget that drinking coffee will keep you awake during lazy afternoons, thereby helping you make use of your time more productively.

How does caffeine do it? It blocks adenosine, a substance present in the brain that makes you feel sleepy.


Improve focus and information retention

Accounting deals with tons of data, which means you need to keep your focus. Coffee is known to help improve short-term memory and problem-solving abilities.

Promote good relationships between employees

When you go for a cup of coffee, whether in the pantry or the nearest coffee shop, you’re bound to bump into an officemate from another department or the new hire in your team. This offers an opportunity to get to know your officemates better. This makes coffee breaks a social activity.

It’s normal for people to chat with each other while waiting in line. Or someone would require your help in operating the espresso machine. You may need to share seats with someone you don’t know. When done repeatedly, you’re most likely to run into the same people and, eventually, create bonds.

It is during coffee breaks when people get to mingle with each other. This is the time when they can take their minds off balance sheets and turn to topics that interest you and your co-workers. This gives you the chance to relax and re-energise. Ultimately, employees will become more motivated and productive.

Stretch those legs and get some exercise

It’s not unusual for accountants to spend hours sitting down. This may have negative repercussions to one’s health, which is why it’s important to get some form of exercise. But what are you to do when there’s just too much work?

Take advantage of every opportunity to stretch those muscles and move around. Fortunately, going on coffee breaks offers this. Going for a cup of coffee will force you to stand and walk. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a short distance. If you do it often, those will add up to something.

Oftentimes, we look for ways to improve our productivity so we can better do our jobs. What many may not realise is that the answers are usually simple–and staring us at the face. In this case, the simple act of drinking coffee will help you focus more. Surprisingly, one study has shown that drinking coffee is more effective in keeping you focused and avoiding mistakes.

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