This Mindset Will Help You Succeed As An Accountant

While there’s no single formula to succeed in accounting, or in any other profession, there are some things that increase your odds of becoming a happy, fulfilled and successful accountant. Having the right attitude is one.   More than talent, your mindset is a more accurate predictor for success.   The most hardworking or smartest accountants don’t … Read more

TOA Global Invades PICPA 2018

This year’s Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) 2018 annual convention took place in Bacolod City and we were there to celebrate with other accountants, firm owners, and key industry people. It was an insightful and fun-filled 3-day event that celebrated the accounting profession. This year’s theme was “Promoting Integrity, Advancing Excellence,” a very … Read more

What You Need To Know About CPD Points

What is CPD and why does it matter?  CPD or Continuing Professional Development is the “intentional maintenance and development of the knowledge and skills needed to perform in a professional context.” Simply put, it’s designed to help and encourage professionals to pursue learnings to enhance their skill sets.  This will help employees set a clear path … Read more

Do You Possess These Personality Traits Of A Cloud Accountant?

Being an accountant in this modern age will require more than the usual accounting skills. As highlighted in a Karbon article called 3 Essential Personality Traits of a Cloud Accountant, becoming a successful cloud accountant will entail you to possess certain personality traits. We’ve taken things further and added more qualities we think you need to … Read more

TOA Global Gives Young Boys Brand New Kicks

TOA Global is passionate about extending goodwill to the communities where we operate in. We recognize that kindness and generosity are very important and that’s why we continue to work with Tuloy Foundation, a charitable organization in Angeles City, Pampanga, to provide assistance to underprivileged young boys. We recently paid a visit to our friends … Read more

Paving The Path To Success For Filipino Accountants

What impact does the changing career landscape have on Filipino accountants? For many accountants, the traditional path of success can be a little daunting and climbing up the ladder can take years. Lucky for us, changes in the industry have made it possible for us to access global opportunities, from training courses to employment opportunities. … Read more

The Real Value Of Employee Engagement

During certain periods, thoughts of quitting a job are normal for many employees. You may even have entertained the idea more times than you care to admit. And that’s okay. We all go through that especially during times of extreme stress. Like when we’re burdened with so much work we haven’t been home on time … Read more