Moving On Up: Key Career Advancement Questions You Need To Answer

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A better life. We all want it. This is why you and I work hard each day. Right? To achieve this, you need to advance your career. You can get promoted, transferred to a different team or department, or even find a new job elsewhere. But before you decide to do that, take a step back and ask yourself a specific set of questions.

Setting Career Goals


First you have to put some targets downrange. These will determine your future career.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The answer to this question is the reason why you get up from bed to get to work. Think of what makes you smile when you start working. You will know this because this is what your heart says you are supposed to do.


What other jobs do you think you would enjoy doing?

Take a look around. You see your co-workers or people from other offices that have different jobs than you have. If you can imagine yourself doing that, then it might be something you can end up being someday.


What are your salary goals?

Aim as high as you want. Whether you reach that eventual figure or not will depend on how hard you are willing to work for it. Some may aim for what can make their lives a little more comfortable and some may shoot for the moon. It’s up to you.

Skills and Competencies

career-advancement-questions-choosing employers-skills-and-competencies

When you’ve listed down your career goals, you need to know if you have the necessary skills to help you advance your career.


What are the skills you need for the job you are after?

Once you have a career in mind, make a list of the skills you have and see if these match the requirements. You will then have to decide on whether you are willing to go and learn these skill sets.

Training and Development


So you have a job you want and you know the skills you need to develop to be good at that job, it is time to find where you can get them.


Is your current company offering the training you need?

What you’re looking for might just be right where you are. Maybe your company can offer the training you need. If you’re looking to get promoted, your company will be your best choice.


Are there training centers, workshops and/or seminars that can teach you?

Try inquiring in training centers near you. Most times they offer short training courses that give you exactly what you need. Or you can Google skills workshops or seminars. You can find great mentors that can teach and guide you.


Are you willing to go back to school?

Some positions may require you to have a college degree. If you have the time and money, this will be a great addition to your credentials. This is also ideal if you are looking to move up higher in larger companies.

Choosing Employers

career advancement questions choosing employers

Now that you know where you want to go with your career, you need to find an employer who can offer you the best pay for the job that you are willing to do.


Who is the best employer for you?

Do your research. You have to find an employer that can offer you not only a good salary but with great people, great work environment, and great benefits.

Pick a fast-growing company because this is where you will have a great potential for growth and career advancement. Choose carefully as this is the most crucial step in your decision.


Remember to go over your answers to each of these questions carefully. But the perfect situation would be is if you can work for a company that can help you achieve your career goals, train and develop skills, and be the best place to work in.

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