3 Qualities Of A Global Accountant

Are you a real-time accountant?

With the advancement in today’s technology, clients want reliable accounting solutions to keep up with the highly competitive market. According to accounting guru Rob Nixon, clients are looking for “real-time” services that are relevant and pre-emptive simply because redundant data offers no value. They usually get these from accountants who turn in work late. A real-time accountant who is on top of everything; a professional who is on the forefront of providing real-time advice.

So what makes a real-time accountant and do you have these characteristics?

Real-time accountants know how to make the most of cloud technology

In this era when everything is done online, it is essential for accountants to not be afraid of digital disruption. The internet-driven world we live in will require us to be adept at using technology. And if accountants want to add value and provide quality services to clients, they must leverage technology. It will be advantageous because both accountants and clients will have access to real-time information, which allows for real-time collaboration. Clients prefer accountants who can offer this because they need someone who can follow up and update quickly and regularly.


real time accountants use cloud technology

Real-time accountants are open to the idea of offshoring

Offshoring accounting services to developing countries, like the Philippines, will be efficient and effective for clients. Setting up offshore teams opens clients to a large pool of talent overseas who are highly qualified for several roles. For example, in the Philippines, there are numerous workers who have a great command of the English language. They are competitive and excellent workers as well. With lower labour costs, clients are going to get quality work, which is more than what they pay for.

Real-time accountants add value to their clients

Accountants need to be proactive to provide more value to clients. This means they have to be two steps ahead. More than completing the usual work, they must provide financial advise. They must know how to focus on the clients and not the revenue. Real-time accountants don’t just crunch numbers; they know how to paint a bigger picture so clients are able to understand how all the figures affect their financial condition.

For you to become a global accountant, it is essential that you take the initiative and go the extra mile. Nothing can be more fulfilling than being able to use your knowledge and skills in helping clients scale their firm. Do you want to be a global accountant?

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