Effective Ways To Retain Your Clients

Client retention is a major concern for many accountants. And that’s not merely an assumption; in fact, a study conducted by a service provider for accounting professionals, most CPA firms are very worried about retaining clients.

Dissatisfied clients are very likely to leave and that can have a negative impact on your revenue. Not only that, it will affect your brand. It is important, as a professional, that you improve client experience to keep them happy and keep them from leaving.

However, some accountants may think this requires additional effort on their part. On the contrary, this isn’t a daunting task. Client retention is not rocket science. You only need to remember one thing: show them that you genuinely care.

Once you’re able to do that, everything else will follow. Show clients some love and they will give back.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to retain clients.

Figure out who the right clients are

It’s really simple. You will not have any problems making clients stay if you’ve found the right ones in the first place. This is the foundation of successful client retention. How do you do it? The answer is effective marketing.

So what makes a good client? It’s the one that generates a significant part of your revenue compared to the ordinary clients. This is also the client that pays on time and even send referrals for more business. More importantly, a good client is easy to communicate with and won’t ask for unreasonable demands.

Talk to them regularly

Remember that communication is key to strengthening and improving client experience. Clients don’t want to deal with accountants who only check in with them, at most, twice a year. You have to make sure that your clients feel they are on top of mind; that even when you’re not talking to them, they can feel confident that you are taking care of their needs.

Call them and ask if they have any concern. Even when you feel they don’t have one, call them anyway. Your conversations don’t need to be limited to business matters. Why don’t you get a little personal and ask about their families?

Conversations like these will make your clients feel comfortable; these should put them at ease. Eventually, they will treat you as more than accountant but a trusted ally. Always remember that a satisfied client will remain loyal.

Also, whenever you can, pay them a visit. Face-to-face meetings are always good. Ask them out for coffee or lunch. Believe us, they will appreciate the effort.

Attend to their needs immediately

Return calls promptly. Answer their emails as soon as you can. Clients will appreciate prompt responses because it mainly shows you care about them. It will show your level of commitment.

By attending to their needs as quickly as possible, you are helping them finish their work on time, making them more productive.

Always remember that your clients need to trust that you’re ready to provide assistance when the need arises.

Always be proactive


How to retain your clientPay a visit and touch base with your clients from time to time


Accountants who always take the initiative will be appreciated. You’re less likely to commit mistakes when you are two steps ahead. That’s because you have foreseen potential issues and have already designed possible solutions to overcome roadblocks. Come up with ways that would streamline their processes like using an automation tool or ways to cut down on costs. Be ready to solve existing challenges.

Create a client retention plan. Use this when dealing with clients so they remain your partner and continue to help grow your firm. One important thing you need to remember is to always show appreciation. A client that feels valued will have no reason to switch firms, remember that.

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