The Real Value Of Employee Engagement

During certain periods, thoughts of quitting a job are normal for many employees. You may even have entertained the idea more times than you care to admit. And that’s okay. We all go through that especially during times of extreme stress. Like when we’re burdened with so much work we haven’t been home on time … Read more

We’re #TOAtogether Once Again For The Annual Team Building

To further promote camaraderie and celebrate our continued growth over the last year, TOA Global held its annual team building on two separate occasions.

Although held at different locations and on different dates (May 31 for Clark at the Royce Hotel and June 1 for Manila at the One Corporate Center Tower), the entire TOA Global team was unified in its goal to get together, have fun, and learn new ways to become more financially savvy.

For one whole day, the TOA Global team members took part in exciting activities that included fun games that also tested their wit and strategic minds and an insightful and entertaining talk from one of the country’s renowned author and financial advisers.



The one-day event started with opening remarks from our Chairman, Nick Sinclair where he talked about the exciting changes in the company—from movements in the organisation to introduction of policies to ensure data security to upcoming projects geared towards employee satisfaction.


“We want to ensure we have a business to continue to give you employment.”


TOA Global Chairman, Nick Sinclair


In his opening speech, Nick reiterated how the company policies are aimed at safeguarding client data and, more importantly, providing job security for everyone. He also shared some really exciting updates like training courses.

TOA Global’s future projects will focus on people and training. Nick said he envisions team members as professionals who are better equipped with skills and knowledge so they can perform their jobs well.

These knowledge-based trainings are going to be of great help to all TOA Global accountants especially now that we are the first CPA-recognised partner in the Philippines.



Right after hearing from our executives, guest speaker Chinkee Tan took the floor to give probably one of the most insightful and entertaining talks we’ve had. Chinkee is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and radio and TV personality.

His success story has inspired many to become smarter with their spending habits. And it’s the same story that he shared with the rest of the TOA Global family. Armed with funny anecdotes and visuals, Chinkee laid out the things he did to succeed financially.

He also explained the challenges—and corresponding solutions—professionals today face. In his 2-hour talk, we were able to pick up financial nuggets that are helpful in becoming smarter financially.

Right after the talk, it was time for fun and games. The Manila team was divided into 6 groups and were prepped for a series of tasks that would challenge their wit, creativity, and teamwork.







See more event photos to see how much fun we’ve had. You can also relive the fun in last year’s team building in this video.


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